Brofine Nasal Spray

How does it work? It is suitable for use by children with its moisturizing and softening effect. It gently cleans the nose by removing excess mucus and allergen particles through washing in nasal congestion due to conditions such as colds and allergies. It helps to runny nose. It moisturizes the dried and irritated nasal mucosa.

A nasal spray has never been so sweet before

Taste like a cotton candy
Clear the nasal air way
Protection from viruses

Why Brofine Nasal Spray?
It provides controlled spraying and ease of application with its dose-adjusted structure.
With its natural content, it is suitable for long-term use and it is not addictive.
Children enjoy applying it with the taste of cotton candy.
This Medical Device is approved by T.R. Ministry of Health
No Preservatives
Colorant Free
No Additives

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